Audi Forum Airport München Konferrenzzentrum

Destination Dialog

Business & Conference Centre

Let us welcome you with Vorsprung durch Technik. The Business & Conference Centre at the Audi Forum Airport Munich: a hub for exchanging ideas, discussions, pre- sentations, talks and conferences. Characterised by the high standards of the Audi brand, this is a place where new perspectives open up and new ideas are born.

Mobile walls enable very different room layouts and configurations. So, it is just as easy to set up a small meeting room as it is to prepare a medium-sized room or a plenary room that holds 120 people. Simple, modular, flexible.



Variable room sizes and facilities offering a whole host of possibilities for staging events – from small, private meetings to plenary sessions, and from workshops to expert conferences. This is the ideal venue for discerning standards and exacting requirements.



Flexibility plays an important role in today's business. Whether your audience is small or big - our facilities offer enough room for your ideas. Just as you like.