Audi A6 Effizienz

The Audi A6.

Consistently efficient.

The brand claim “Vorsprung durch Technik” encapsulates the cutting-edge technology that is at the very heart of the Audi brand. An approach that includes repeatedly reviewing how every drop of fuel can best be used. For many years Audi has exemplified this approach in all its models – and has had a lasting impact on efficiency standards in automotive manufacturing through its development of a wide range of innovations.

Hybrid aluminium construction

Unlike many other vehicles in its class, the Audi A6 saloon is not built simply of steel, but using hybrid aluminium construction. An innovative lightweight construction technology that has hitherto been used mainly for sports cars – and produces lower consumption, superior agility and therefore greater efficiency.


Driver information system with efficiency program

To reduce fuel consumption, the driver information system incorporates an efficiency program. The integrated efficiency program assists you with overviews of fuel consumption data, status displays for additional consumers and tips for particularly economical driving.


start-stop system

The start-stop system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by switching off the engine when the car is stationary. For instance, when the driver brings the car to a halt at traffic lights, moves the gear lever into neutral and takes their foot off the clutch, the system shuts down the engine.



During an overrun or braking phase, kinetic energy is converted into useful electrical energy by raising the alternator voltage. This energy reduces the load on the alternator during subsequent acceleration – saving up to 3 percent in fuel.


LED technology

The LEDs used in daytime running lights, side turn indicators and rear lights as well as the optional LED headlights are made to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Not only that, but they consume up to 50 percent less energy compared with conventional bulbs.