Audi Matrix LED headlights

Turn night into day. The benefits of Audi Matrix LED headlights include not only better light but also more safety, excellent efficiency and an attractive design. Audi Matrix LED headlights split up the LED high beam into numerous small individual diodes that work in tandem with upstream lenses or reflectors.

Audi Matrix LED technology activates, deactivates or dims individual diodes depending on the situation. This means they always provide high-precision illumination and maximum light yield without requiring a pivoting mechanism.
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Audi Matrix LED technology on film – as exemplified by the Audi A8

The optional Audi Matrix LED headlights for the new TT Roadster light up the road for a long way ahead but without hindering other road users. The Audi Matrix LED headlights can adjust the light distribution from your Audi TT Roadster to perfection, depending on the situation. The instant the camera in the TT Roadster detects other vehicles, the Audi Matrix LED headlights mask out the necessary portions of the high beam. The system operates with such precision that it blanks out sections of light that would affect oncoming and preceding vehicles but continues to cast the high beam with full power on all other zones between and beside them. When there is no longer any oncoming traffic, the high beam headlights resume full power, including the sections that were previously turned off. The light the driver sees is always bright and homogeneous.

The new lighting technology is an impressive sight during the day too. Sometimes appearing as points of light, sometimes as a dynamic light strip – the Audi Matrix LED headlights offer an enticing blend of classy design and excellent functionality.