Offer Validity

The enclosed proposal is extended by Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd on a Free On Rail (FOR) basis and shall remain valid for a duration of seven (7) banking days, commencing from the date of its issuance.

Order Specifications

The selected options and specifications in the order are binding and cannot be changed once the production process at the factory is initiated as soon as the order is placed within the Audi ordering system. It's important to note that the Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd, and/or the manufacturer has the right to provide an alternative vehicle, including changing the model, engine, or battery type, without the ability to provide any reasoning for such an alteration, in case the ordered vehicle for whatever reasons is unavailable, including but not limited to being unable to be shipped.

Vehicle Inspection

The vehicle inspection conducted by Audi AG at their respective manufacturing facilities is considered definitive and binding for all intents and purposes. Audi AG reserves the exclusive right to modify the names of options and accessories without prior notification, while ensuring that such changes do not result in any financial detriment to the customer.

Cancelling or Changing the Order

Upon the Purchaser's endorsement of the Proforma Invoice/Order Confirmation Offer, it is imperative to note that the specifications therein become immutable and are not subject to alterations. In the event of the Purchaser wrongfully cancelling the contract or failing to take possession of and make payment for the goods within a 7-day period following notification that the goods are ready for delivery, M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd retains the prerogative to consider the contract as repudiated by the Purchaser. Furthermore, if the customer fails or refuses to complete the balance payment within a 7-day period from the date of our notice, Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd reserves the unequivocal right to cancel the order and utilize the entire advance payment received to offset any financial losses incurred. It should be explicitly noted that Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. will not entertain any request for order cancellation (after the signature of the Proforma Invoice and the submission of an advance payment) in the case of an increase in government duties/taxes. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in RD implementation, alterations in fiscal policies, tariff structures, import regulations, and associated freight charges, as well as currency devaluation. In such circumstances, Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. shall not entertain any request for order cancellation from the customer. However, should the customer deem such cancellation necessary, they hereby irrevocably acknowledge and accept that they will forfeit any advance payment made, and no claims or disputes will be entertained under any circumstances.

Vehicle Specifications

In the event that any optional equipment or accessory does not conform to the details specified in the Proforma Invoice/Order Confirmation, the Purchaser's exclusive recourse shall be restricted to the discretion of M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd may elect to rectify the shortfall by either providing a replacement for the non-conforming equipment/accessory or, at their discretion, issuing a partial refund of the corresponding portion of the price.

Mode of Payment

An advance payment is required upon the receipt of the signed Proforma Invoice/Order Confirmation. To confirm the agreed-upon pricing, the payment must be remitted on or before the specified due date as indicated in your Proforma Invoice/Order Confirmation. Please be advised that a payment by check will be considered as settled only after it has successfully cleared. Until the full payment amount has been received and cleared, ownership and control of the goods shall remain with M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. Any funds submitted by the Purchaser in exchange for payment will not be considered as a discharge of the obligation until they have been properly processed and cleared.

Shipment Terms by manufacturer to Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd

CFR Karachi


M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd is committed to making every effort to ensure the timely delivery of goods, aiming to align with any estimated delivery date provided. However, it is important to note that we do not guarantee specific delivery times and shall not be held liable for any associated damages or claims arising from delivery delays. Please be aware that we are not obligated to fulfill orders in the sequence they are received. Delivery of the vehicle is estimated to occur within a range of 18-24 weeks after the receipt of the signed Proforma Invoice/Order Confirmation and the clearance of the down payment. While we will make every endeavor to adhere to the agreed-upon delivery timeline, we must emphasize that delivery deadlines are not considered binding unless expressly agreed otherwise.

In cases where non-compliance with the delivery date is attributed to force majeure or unforeseeable disruptions beyond the control of M/S Premier Systems or the manufacturer, such as war, terrorist attacks, port strikes, labor strikes, transportation delays, import or export restrictions, including disturbances affecting subcontractors, the previously established delivery dates will be extended by the duration of the disruption. Consequently, we cannot accept liability for any claims for compensation arising from delivery delays. Rest assured, we will make every effort to keep you informed and collaborate on alternative delivery estimates should any unforeseen circumstances affect the original timeline.

Price Fluctuation Clause

Our pricing structure has been diligently calculated, taking into consideration prevailing governmental duties, fiscal policies, tariff structures, and import regulations, which also include associated freight charges and the current PKR value against the EUR. The Customer hereby irrevocably acknowledges and consents to assume responsibility for any additional charges that may arise due to modifications in the aforementioned duties, policies, or due to the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee, as assessed by Pakistani customs authorities on the date of duty assessment. It is crucial to emphasize that the calculation for both potential increases and decreases in duty and taxes, as well as any adjustments arising from currency devaluation, shall be exclusively determined by Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd, and this calculation shall be considered final. Until the customer fulfills the entire payment (balance payment), inclusive of any additional obligations related to duty, taxes, and devaluation, the vehicle shall remain the property of Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. In the event of the customer's failure or refusal to complete the balance payment within a 7-day notice period, Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd reserves the right to cancel the order. The customer acknowledges and accepts irrevocably that they will forfeit any advance payment made, and no claims or disputes will be entertained under any circumstances.

In cases where there is a reduction in government duties, the Customer will be entitled to make payment in accordance with the reduced amount, as determined by M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd. However, it is imperative to clarify that this provision does not apply if the vehicle is exempted from duty and taxes through full advance payment in USD/EUR. In such instances, the responsibility for securing customs exemption lies with the Customer.


Insurance of the vehicle until our respective dealerships in Pakistan is the responsibility of Premier Systems (Pvt) Limited.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held liable for damages nor possess the right to terminate this Agreement due to any delays or defaults in performance arising from conditions beyond their control. Such conditions encompass, but are not limited to, Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or revocation of any required export or other licenses), wartime situations, insurrections, and any other causes deemed beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is impacted. Import restrictions imposed by the Government of Pakistan, including changes in customs regulations or import quotas, shall also be considered as conditions beyond the parties' control in accordance with this provision. Furthermore, it is imperative to note that these restrictions extend to include financial limitations imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan, local banks, and any third-party constraints that may hinder the establishment of letters of credit, all of which are circumstances beyond our control.

Governing Law

All disputes concerning the legality, interpretation, application, or execution of this order or any of its associated terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, including its conflict of laws principles. Each party involved in this order hereby consents that any dispute giving rise to legal proceedings shall be adjudicated within the courts of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Country of Origin

European Union


The responsibility and associated risk pertaining to the vehicle shall be transferred to you at the moment of delivery by M/S Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd, following your acknowledgment by signing the Vehicle Handover Checklist. Regrettably, we must inform you that returns and refunds are strictly not admissible under any circumstances. It is imperative to understand that we cannot entertain returns or provide refunds in situations involving faults, be they deliberate or accidental damage, negligence on your part or that of a third party, abnormal or unsuitable storage or working conditions, non-compliance with maintenance guidelines, failure to operate or utilize the vehicle in accordance with the provided instructions, misuse, or any unauthorized alterations, repairs, or modifications carried out by you or any third party not duly authorized by us or the manufacturer.

We wish to emphasize that our policy does not encompass returns or exchanges, and all sales transactions are considered as final.

Special Instruction

It is of paramount importance for the purchaser to diligently peruse the owner's manual in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their vehicle.

Care and Maintenance
World-class Protection Inside and Out

When you purchase an Audi vehicle, you not only gain world-class performance and style, you also gain access to one of the industry's leading care and maintenance programs. The extended care provided through our dealerships' service departments is designed to help keep your Audi performing at its best, delivering ultimate satisfaction for years to come.

Integral to every Audi vehicle is regularly scheduled maintenance. Visit your authorized Audi dealer to have these services performed by the experts. Scheduled maintenance will help ensure that your vehicle performs at its peak, as well as help protect the resale value.

Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
The first scheduled maintenance service is due at 7,500 km or six months, whichever comes first.

Your vehicle should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers technical guidelines. Any damage to, or defect in, the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing will not be remedied under the vehicles warranty.

Please ensure that you maintain sufficient records to enable the Audi authorized network to confirm that the vehicle has been appropriately serviced. In any event, please ensure that the Service schedule book in your vehicle is stamped by the Audi Authorized Repairer carrying out the service work.

Service work, modifications, special fittings, conversions or additional body work performed by non-authorized Audi service partner/dealer will immediately lead to loss of your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

Regular inspection and replacement of engine oil
The engine oil lubricates, protects, and cleans your vehicle's engine. It also prevents corrosion, improves sealing and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. Periodic inspection and replacement of engine oil is essential to the longevity of your engine and to guarantee its efficiency. But in time, engine oil deteriorates due to combustion, causing contaminants like soot, carbon and acids to accumulate. Therefore, engine oil and engine oil filter require regular inspection and replacement to keep maximum overall performance. Moreover, engine oil consumption will change according to your driving habits and the conditions in which the car is used. Some turbo charged engine, for instance, will consume up to 0.5 litre per 1,000 kilometres (as per the owner's manual). Oil consumption is likely to be higher for the first 5,000 kilometres. For this reason, the engine oil level must be checked at regular intervals. Owners can check the engine oil level and topping up fluids procedures in the owner's manual.

Vehicle Service & Repair

  • 100% Advance Payment is required for any vehicle Service / Repair work before work can commence.
  • The vehicle repair process will only commence after written confirmation of our estimate and/or invoice.
  • Estimates are based on our inspection and do not include any additional parts and/or labor which may be required after the work has been started. Occasionally after the repair has started, damaged or broken parts are discovered which are not evident on initial inspection.
  • Estimate prices subject to change after 7 days.
  • In case the vehicle has been brought in for estimate and/or diagnosis for a repair, and in case the customer decides not to have the vehicle repaired, the customer explicitly agrees to be invoiced by Premier Systems (Private) Limited for any parts and/or labor which were required for the estimate/repair and/or diagnosis.
  • Premier Systems (Private) Limited is not responsible for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipment by supplier or transporter.
  • During the repair process, if any parts related and/or unrelated to the repair (as per estimate and/or invoice) are found to the damaged and/or warn the customer herewith agreed that a supplementary and/or revised estimate and/or invoice will be provided. The same shall require approval and/or payment from the customer.
  • Repair salvage parts (non-warranty) will require collection within 7 days after completion of the vehicle repair, otherwise these parts will be discarded and no claims shall be entertained.
  • Premier Systems (Private) Limited only uses Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories, unless specified. Spare parts provided by customers will not be accepted for any type of repair/installation by Premier Systems (Private) Limited.
  • The estimate and/or invoice is subject to and expressly conditioned upon our terms and conditions contained herein.
  • Premier Systems (Private) Limited reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.

Fuel Quality

As an Audi owner, you appreciate the exceptional performance of one of the world’s finest automobiles. You are required to fuel only Euro-V HOBC (High Octane) fuels, which holds a min of 95/97RON, from only company owned and operated fuel stations such as PSO, TOTAL and SHELL. This will help to ensure that your Audi will deliver all the performance it was designed to provide. It will help to avoid deposit buildup in your vehicle’s engine, which can affect performance. Lower-quality fuels can build up deposits in your engine, which will degrade engine performance and vehicle emissions, which will lead to engine damages, which your limited factory warranty will not cover. Please note this requirement is for all Audi models which are sold in Pakistan. Your local Audi dealer may provide you a list of recommended gas stations in your city of residence. The owner of the vehicle agrees that the Service Advisor at the time of routine service appointments may takes samples of fuel in the fuel tank. If an irregular fuel quality is detected, the owner will be informed by us in written form, and if the quality of the fuel could potentially damage the engine and parts related to the engine, Premier Systems reserves the right to void warranty on the entire engine, and/or parts such as the catalytic converter and others in such cases.

Octane Boosters

The octane-raising qualities of octane boosters, which may raise the octane rating between 2 to 8 octane factors, are achieved through the addition of a variety of chemicals. Manganese is traditionally used in the production of MMT. MMT is an additive that is part of the chemical composition of Octane boosters. Petrol requires a certain octane level to prevent the engine from ‘pinging’ or ‘knocking’, which can damage a car’s engine. The octane rating of a fuel is a measure of its resistance to knock — the higher the rating, the less will be the tendency of a fuel to cause knock. The usage of Octane Boosters will cause problems with sensors, injectors, and will eventually cause severe engine damages! Therefore, the usage of Octane Boosters is strictly prohibited. If proven they have been used, Premier Systems reserves the right to void warranty on the engine, and/or parts related to the engine such as the catalytic converter and other in such cases.

Running in the engine

A well run-in engine provides the ideal basis for coping with everyday wear and tear from short journeys in the cold to fast motorway driving in the heat over a very long period of time, while still maintaining optimum fuel economy. These are criteria that help to ensure a long service life, and consequently a high vehicle resale value. From four to twelve cylinders, petrol or diesel: the Audi engines are high-performance machines designed for power, reliability, a long service life and economical operation. These characteristics are retained for a particularly long time if certain tips are observed when running in the car.

The running-in phase is completed after approximately 20 hours. Assuming an average driving style, this is equivalent to a distance of 1,000 to 1,500 kilometers. It is relatively easy to run in a new engine correctly over the first few kilometers if you observe the following:

  • When cold-starting the engine, always run the engine warm gently while driving. This will help considerably to make the engine last a long time.
  • Vary the engine load when driving on the motorway for the first time: change the load condition and only run the engine at very low or very high revs for short periods. The accelerator pedal should only be pressed right down in emergency situations.
  • Only use high-grade branded Audi oil of the quality specified in the owner’s manual. If you have to top up with oil, this should have the same viscosity as the original oil.
  • In general, not all branded oils from known oil companies meet Audis demands and can be mixed with each other.

Tyre maintenance and tyre wear

Always keep your tyres properly inflated. Correct inflation pressures and sensible driving habits would help to prolong the Life of your vehicle. Improper tyre pressure may increase running cost and endanger your vehicle's handling, which could result in an accident. Under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption; increase rolling resistance and causes premature tyre wear.

Over-inflation can affect surface grip, road safety and ride quality. Sufficient tread depth is particularly important in driving safety. Tread helps your tyres to adhere to the road, especially on wet conditions which it helps to compress and displaces water on road surfaces. Audi AG recommends that tyres tread depth should be no Less than 2 millimetres (mm) across the entire surface area. The minimum tread depth required by Law in Pakistan is 1.6millimeters (mm) and the measurement must be across the central ¾ of the tyre circumference. Owners should check the tyre pressures at least twice a month. Inspect the tyres for irregular wear from time to time. The tyre inflation pressures are listed on a sticker on the surface pillar inside the driver's door. When renewing your tyres you should always ensure you have the correct size fitted for your vehicle. Your local Audi Dealer can assist you.

Audi Models equipped with 20’tires and above have an extra low profile. While these tires provide better handling, but are less comfortable when used on roads in bad conditions or poorly built. They could also be damaged more frequently than standard tires, for example, by heavy jolts, potholes, manhole covers or curbs. We recommend you to drive with particular care whenever you find roads in bad conditions or poorly built to reduce the risk of damaging the tires and/or rims. If in doubt after an incident, please contact your Audi Dealer to check the car, especially after a heavy shock or apparent damage."

In the event of damage to wheel rims and tires, as a result of bad road conditions, the manufacturer AUDI AG will not be held responsible for the repair costs incurred, as your warranty will under no circumstances cover any damages and/or repairs.

Brake disc maintenance

Water and moisture can easily build up within the brakes after washing your car, and can lead to rusting. Rust in the brake disc will damage both disc and pad and may reduce braking power. Never use pressured water directly on the brake disc or pad. Use a cloth to wipe away the remaining water on the disc or drive the car for a short distance and let the brakes to dry out every time after washing your car. Brake pad that are seized onto the brake disc when water gets onto the disc surface may result in a lock up when you start the engine. Pressing the accelerator allows the engine's power to release the brake pad from the disc. Caution: Pay attention to vehicles around you as this action may result in a noticeable friction noise.

Wiper blades maintenance

Always keep your windshield clean. Household cleaners or regular glass cleaners can damage the protection coating on your windshield. Make sure you always use suitable car care products (such as the Audi Car Care collection), which are specifically designed for washing vehicles, or just clean water. Wiper blades should be handled with care: never drop the wiper arms on the windshield and have the wiper blades inspected and replaced at each service (if necessary) to keep your vision crystal clear.

Condensation inside headlights

The air temperature inside the unit increases when the headlights are illuminated. Prolonged use may cause the unit to deform under high temperature; your vehicle's headlight units are equipped with ventilation slots to allow the water moisture to escape. But when the headlight is turned off, temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the headlight causes condensation to appear inside the unit. Under normal conditions, we recommend owners to start their headlights for a short time before driving to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Headlight Daytime Running Lights Discoloration

The LED strips are part of the complete Headlight assembly. The minor colour differences of the LEDs are caused by the coating of the blue LED with yellow phosphor. This coating is necessary to produce LEDs. Colour differences (permissible range of white) are to be expected and this is normal.

Washing your vehicle and regular care

Washing regularly is the easiest way to take care of you vehicle's exterior. Owners should use only dedicated washing fluids which are formulated for car exteriors along with a soft sponge. Never use household detergents or soaps as these are alkaline and will damage the paint, causing it to lose its lustre and its colour to fade. In some cases, it may deteriorate the paint to the extent of corrosion and lead to rusting. Use clean water to rinse away any dirt and dust particles before applying the washing fluids, to prevent them from scratching the paint. Be also careful with organic matters such as bird droppings, insect remains and fruits falling from trees since they contain an acid which will damage your vehicle's paint if not removed immediately with clean water. Avoid leaving your vehicle under direct sunlight for an extended time to prevent the ultraviolet rays from damaging the paint. Specialised Audi Car Care products are available at your local Audi Dealer. These cleaning and care products are designed and tested by Audi for all Audi cars.

Installation of Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) in Audi vehicles

As part of regular product monitoring we have found that retrofitted tracking systems can cause expensive damage to our vehicles if the provided interfaces are not used correctly.

For instance, if the power supply to the main relay is interrupted, this can deactivate the run-on function of the engine control unit. As a result, the control unit will not be able to store various data and this can cause considerable impairments when the engine is restarted. A tracking system must not under any circumstances interrupt the power supply (terminal 30) to the engine control unit when the ignition is switched off.

If a third party installation tampers/alters the vehicle electronics, engine management system, or any other part of the vehicle which is covered by the manufacturers limited warranty in any way or form which can lead to a fault in the vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the vehicle repair. Furthermore, the repair charges, replacement parts will be on the account of the owner of the vehicle.

Vehicles fitted with unauthorized ECM tuning

A customer’s vehicle may be equipped with unauthorized hardware or software tuning. Modifying the vehicle via unauthorized and unproven tuning can put additional stress on vehicle components outside of intended design limits. These modifications can cause damage and additional wear to vehicle components, subsequently voiding coverage of the factory warranty.

Audis current dealership level diagnostic equipment allows for automatic detection of unauthorized ECM tuning on all vehicle models. Every new model year will bring more vehicles which will automatically be detected; this detection runs automatically in the background of the normal diagnostic process, and will be completely transparent to the technician working on the vehicle.

Airbag system

The airbag is an integral part of the cars passive safety system. Only in conjunction with the threepoint seat belts, the airbag system gives the front, and in some vehicles rear occupants additional protection. The airbags are not a substitute for the seat belts. The airbags can only offer effective protection if the occupants are wearing their seat belts. For this reason it is very important to wear seatbelts at all times. The airbags are only deployed if the occupant is belted!


It is always the drivers/owners responsibility to drive his/her vehicle in a proper manner, in conditions suitable for driving while obeying all traffic laws and the laws of the land. These may include but are not limited to driving behavior, driving conditions, road conditions, traffic conditions, driving behavior, etc. These examples are not definitive.

Audi Warranty

Audi provides a warranty in accordance with warranty terms of new Audi vehicles. Audi warrants that your new Audi vehicle shall be free of mechanical defects from the date of new vehicle delivery. The coverage is limited to vehicles sold and registered in Pakistan by Premier Systems (Pvt) Limited.

Audi vehicles are provided with a limited factory warranty for a period of two years from the date of invoice against any manufacturing defects.

If during the warranty period your vehicle shows any defects in manufacture or workmanship you should contact your local authorized Audi Dealer in Pakistan. Any member of the Audi authorized network in Pakistan will be able to carry out the necessary work, free of charge.

If you have modified your vehicle with additional equipment or accessories, you may be charged for the removal of the equipment if necessary; in some cases your warranty will be voided.

The following reasons can cause the warranty to be voided and not reinstated (but are not exhaustive)

  1. Any warrantied part is tampered with or removed for any reason by any party other than by an Audi authorized network partner/dealer.
  2. A lapse of more than one year or 10,000km (whichever comes first) occurs between consecutive vehicle servicing jobs done by an Audi authorized network partner/dealer.
  3. A servicing or repair job is done on the vehicle by a party other than an Audi authorized network partner/dealer.
  4. The vehicle identification number (VIN) has been altered or removed.
  5. The odometer has been disconnected or altered or the actual mileage cannot be determined.
  6. Vehicle used in racing and rallies or other organized sports event.
  7. Vehicle used off-road
  8. Vehicle used for driving school, military, emergency or recovery services, courier or delivery service or similar use.
  9. The vehicle is exported, scrapped or deregistered.

Replacement parts are subject to availability. No compensation of any kind shall be made by Premier Systems (Private) Limited, if the vehicle is unusable while waiting for replacement parts. Please note the concept of courtesy car is unfortunately not available in Pakistan due to insurance related legal compliance and liability clauses.

Warranty is not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other benefit.

The warranty is not affected by a change of ownership of the vehicle. Any parts replaced become the property of Audi. Any replaced parts are covered for the rest of the vehicle warranty.

Items where the lifetime of the component is caused by driving style and external factors will not be considered under the terms of the warranty. Those defects must be treated as wear and tear and will not be covered by the Audi warranty.

Components subject to wear and tear which are not covered by the Audi warranty are as follows:

  • Brake linings and disc pads
  • Clutch release bearings
  • Clutch pressure plates and centre plates
  • Tyres (including but not limited to impact damage or sidewall bubble)
  • Wiper blades (wiper rubbers have no warranty owing to their conditions of use)
  • Seat and backrest covers
  • Floor coverings
  • Underbody covering and lining
  • Spark plugs
  • Vehicle battery
  • Batteries for key fobs and alarms
  • Headlight including discoloration of LED Daytime Running Lights, Light bulbs, and dings and scratches sustained by headlight glass.
  • Filters, gaskets, lubricants and sundry items
  • Lubricants, oils, gases, etc. top ups for replacement parts under warranty
  • Non-mechanical and non-electrical parts (e.g bodywork such as chrome, panels, all glass items, seals, cup holders, water hose, decorative or interior and exterior trim components, ashtrays
  • Normal noise, vibration, and deterioration (e.g discolouring, fading, deformation or blue)
Interior (plastic, metal, aluminum, etc) components: The defect must not be due to external influences such as accident damage (climatic, thermal, chemical, animal, bird, and excessive wear) or industrial pollution, insufficient care or maintenance.

Paint and bodywork: The defect must not be due to external influences such as accident damage (climatic, thermal, chemical, animal, bird, and excessive wear) or industrial pollution, insufficient care or maintenance. This will be decided by a member of your Audi Centre at the time of inspection.

This list is not definitive and similar adjustable or wear and tear items are also excluded from the terms of the warranty.

Wear clarification - your Audi technician is authorized (which reserves the right, in its sole discretion) to decide if a component is worn as opposed to having a factory defect. His decision is final and not challengeable.

High voltage batteries for Audi BEV vehicles

1. In addition to the Audi new-car warranty, Audi issues a warranty for the high-voltage battery to the buyer of a new Audi e-tron vehicle either for the eight years after initial delivery or for the first 160,000 kilometers – whichever occurs first – with regard to all faults of material or workmanship and in the event of an excessive loss of capacity (for details, refer to clause 2). A case covered by the warranty, which permits the buyer to demand that a fault is remedied free of charge, always occurs when the remaining energy content of the batters is below 70% compared to the condition at the time of delivery. If a case covered by the warranty occurs, the buyer is entitled to have the fault remedied as described in clause 2.

2. For technical reasons, the battery energy content in kWh (determined via a capacity measurement) and therefore the performance of a lithium-ion high-voltage battery decreases in the course of its service life (natural wear). If a capacity measurement performed by an authorized Audi Service Centre in Pakistan within the warranty period shows that the net battery capacity is below the 70% mark (8 years, 160,000km, see above) at the time specified below, the energy content will be increased to the value specified in the following according to the amount of time/mileage for which battery has been used:
a. Up to a maximum of 60,000km / 3 years after initial delivery, whichever of the two occurs first: 78%
b. Up to a maximum of 100,000km / 5 years after initial delivery, whichever of the two occurs first : 74%
c. Up to a maximum of 160,000km / 8 years after initial delivery, whichever of the two occurs first : 70%

The reference point for the battery energy content covered by the warranty is the net value specified in the sales contract.

Within the warranty period, and excessive loss of capacity is remedied free of charge for the buyer (in part by servicing high-voltage battery components, if necessary) so that the corresponding value is reached again. Example: If the net battery capacity is 65% when the vehicle has been driving 70,000 km, a remaining battery capacity of at least 74% must be reached when eliminating the fault.

3. The components that are removed and replaced while remedying the faults shall become the property of the warrantor.

4. In the event that the new Audi e-tron is sold, Audi consents to the right to claim under the warranty for high-voltage batteries for the new Audi e-tron vehicle being transferred from the warrantee to the new buyer. By transferring this right to claim, the original warrantee loses the right to claim under the warranty. The new buyer inherits this right to claim, provided that it is still valid at the time of transfer.

5. The guarantee of performance from the warranty of high-voltage batteries for the new Audi e-tron expires if the high-voltage battery is removed permanently from the new Audi e-tron vehicle in combination with the new Audi e-tron vehicle.

6. The guarantee of performance from the warranty for high-voltage batteries for the new Audi e-tron vehicle does not apply if and to the extent that a malfunction, an excessive loss of capacity or damage to the high-voltage battery can be attributed to a traffic accident.

7. The guarantee of performance from the warranty for high-voltage batteries for the new Audi e-tron vehicle does not apply if and to the extent that a material defect has been caused by:
a. Failure to follow the instructions applying to the operation, treatment and care of the Audi e-tron, or
b. Excess load being placed on the Audi e-tron, e.g. motor-racing, street racing, or any other type of high performance or off-roading, or
c. The high-voltage battery coming into direct contact with open flames, or
d. Water or other liquids making direct contact with the high-voltage battery.

8. In addition, all of the provisions of Audi warranty (conditions, standard of absence of faults, reasons for exclusions, processing of claims, time at which warranty comes into effect and warranty periods starts, scope, etc.), with the exception of the length of the warranty, also apply accordingly to the high-voltage battery. Audi is entitled to reject any warranty claim for any defect or malfunction if such defects or malfunctions are caused by:
a. The failure of the customer to ensure that the vehicle receives proper and periodic servicing according to the manufacturers recommended schedule and / or guidelines;
b. Parts which have been replaced or modified by third parties;
c. Repair, servicing or other actions carried out by third parties.

Warranty Exclusions

Non-warrantable services includes (but is not limited) to the following examples:

Warranty covers items that fair due to a defect; warranty does not cover items that fail due to wear. Many components on your Audi will wear based on driving technique, exposure to elements, or gradual normal deterioration. Items that have failed based on any one of these criteria are not consider to have factory defect and would not be covered under your limited Warranty.

Damage or malfunction due to lack of maintenance - this warranty does not cover damage caused by failure to follow recommended maintenance and use instructions as set forth in the Owner's manual and the maintenance booklet. The owner must present copies of all maintenance performed on their vehicle at the time of service to avoid repairs from being denied.

Parts which had reached the end of their expected service.

Consequential losses including the costs incurred as a result the Vehicle being off the road.

Failure or breakdown caused by external sources such an road traffic accident, fire and theft.

Damage or malfunction due to misuse, negligence, alteration, accident or fire - this warranty does not cover any damage due to improper repair of the vehicle, improper installation of accessories such as alarm systems, performance - enhancing devices, remote starters, other audio components or communications equipment, intentional or unintentional misfueling, use of the vehicle in competitive events or damage caused by accident or accidental fire. This is not a complete list. Any alterations or installations performed on a vehicle are subject to review by an authorized Audi representative.

Your vehicles warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by factors outside the Manufacturer’s control such as damages caused by your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damages from occurring, improper handling, neglect, accidents, fire, improper use, natural phenomena, hail, flooding or floodwater, lightning, windstorms, or other atmospheric hazards, airborne industrial pollutants such as acid rain, bird droppings, stones, climate, external heat, chemicals, mechanical force and other similar occurrences. These examples are not definitive and other items are also excluded from the terms of the warranty.

This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damage, including the loss of value of the vehicle, lost profits or earnings, or out-of-pocket expenses for substitute transportation or lodging.

We reserve the right to reject any warranty claim for any defect or malfunction arising from circumstances outside of the manufacturer’s control.

The wear and tear and service adjustment policies applicable to new vehicles also apply to parts warranty.

Types of service not covered by the warranty

Non-warrantable service includes (but is not limited to) the following examples:

  1. replacement of parts that are subject to normal wear and tear with the use of the vehicle.
  2. any normal or scheduled maintenance services such as the replacement of oil, lubricants and fluids.
  3. adjustment services such as wheel alignments, tyre balancing, brake and clutch adjustment, or any mechanical adjustment that may become necessary as a result of normal use or wear and tear.
Neither Premier Systems (Private) Limited nor the manufacturer shall assume, nor grant authorization for any party to assume, any additional obligations or liabilities on their behalf. Please be advised that we retain the right to amend these terms at our sole discretion, and such changes may be implemented without prior notice.

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